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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Alan Turing’s three greatest contributions: Richard Buckland

Was sifting & pruning the collection of downloaded videos, when I came across this great video by Professor Richard Buckland. In his usual exuberant, animated & engaging style he gives a brief talk about about three of Alan Turing’s greatest contributions – decoding the Enigma, Turing Machine & Artificial Intelligence [A.I.].

Duation: 25 mins approx

He also touched upon the Turing Test, though he doesn’t speak about it in this video. You may watch him speak about the Turing Test here.

Another great lecture about Alan Turing - Alan Turing: Codebreaker and AI Pioneer [MIT World]

The UK government recently tendered a formal apology to Alan Turing [Not that the UK Govt was demonstrating some new, path-breaking technology that enables direct contact and communication with those living on the other side…but still symbolically at least] for the treatment meted out to him after it was discovered that he was a homosexual [via rowanNS]. Better late than never, I’d say.