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Friday, July 12, 2013

Moron Of The Week

Had a good laugh this morning, on being contacted by a concerned "Indian" of evidently "superior intellect", accusing those heading Govt-run R&D labs of being insane.

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The posts referred to in the message involve Global Tenders floated by VRDE & HAL for purchasing a NEMP test-rig, off-the-shelf & co-development of a SATCOM data-link for UAVs respectively. Firstly, if one isn't an ignoramus as the individual above, one would already have known the posts were based documents released to the public by the Govt. of India [GoI] & are hosted on official GoI website created solely for the purpose of issuing these notifications. Therefore, when you ask, "Who in their sane mind publish details of components are getting used and what is the design of our SATCOM link?", you're essentially questioning the sanity of all Scientist-Directors of these institutions floating these tenders. You also accuse the Government of India of insanity & indulging in illegality, for creating a website for anybody to access them, evaluate whether they are capable of undertaking the task, & respond accordingly.

A couple of years back a family living in the adjacent building lost their pet dog. They printed out pamphlets listing relevant details, which they handed out to people in the neighbourhood. Now, if I take one of these pamphlets & sticks it to a notice-board under my building, which I did, will our "Indian" here react similarly, accusing me of sharing "sensitive, detailed information". Perhaps, this pea-brained individual would. Here is a family that requires something, & needs others to help them get it. So they release information for others to judge if & how they can be of any help. So, what kind of asinine logic is being used to argue anyone sharing the same information, as-is, elsewhere is doing something wrong? Figured out the analogy? The information already exists in the public domain, released by the individual seeking help itself.

Unless our genius here is telling that Google is a pakistan-owned entity, one really can not figure out how posting on my blog equals to posting with "extra zeal in Pak Defence forum". Isn't BlogSpot [my host], owned by Google, an American company? Quite evidently an overly zealous numskull who wouldn't be able to make any sense of the documents even if given 100 years to do so, but would pretend otherwise. Over-awed by what are essentially generic block diagrams [that (s)he described as "detailed", further betraying ignorance]. Alpha-numeric characters & colourful diagrams caused your brain to go into a spin? The fact of the matter is that the diagrams [only the Datalink post had any] might as well have been plagiarised from one of the many available text-books used to study for some of the elective subjects, one has to choose while pursuing an Undergraduate Course in Electronics Engineering in India. Only difference, the text book diagrams are neater, with better annotations. Next, our "Hero/Heroine" here would demand closure of Engineering Colleges.

Long ago, people's inability to understand & explain observed phenomenon caused them to conjure up fantastical stories surrounding them - the Solar Eclipse occurs when XXXX swallows the Sun. This message could also be an indication that someone has succeed in building a time machine. Explains everything - transported from the Golden Age of superstition, you now only have your over-flowing ignorance on which to rely to help make "sense" of things you see around you.


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