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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Professor Dr. Yash Pal - Science for all [weekend viewing & reading]

Professor Dr. Yashpal

Tuning into Doordarshan every week to catch the latest episode of Turning Point would be the high point of TV watching during the days of single-channel Television. Turning Point was a weekly bulletin that showcased important Science & Technology developments taking place in India. While the host of the program changed over time, one section of the program remained unchanged through the entire duration the program was telecast. Towards the end of the show, Professor Yashpal would pick up a post card and read out a Science-related query sent to him by a viewer. Then in his own imitable manner, he would go on to explain the associated scientific phenomena and answer the question in a manner that was understood by all. Such joy watching Turning Point was - simple, yet informative & engaging.

On page 10 is the story of Professor Yash Pal's surname, or the lack of it :)