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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Know your Jammu & Kashmir [suggested weekend reading]

The recent eruption of riots, arson & mob violence in the Kashmir valley of the Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir evoked an interest in knowing more about the issue at hand. After going through the sources of information available, one belief that was reiterated was that the nature of reporting and point of view adopted by the media houses [quite contrary to the view that the media houses should only report the news without voicing an opinion - it's the job of the reader] is based more keeping in mind commercial considerations than taking the plunge and asking the real hard pertinent questions that are bound to cause discomfort to people in the place of power.

Rioting, stone-pelting arsonists running their writ in the Kashmir Valley

Sharing some links of interest - by no means exhaustive but may help gain some perspective of the issue confronting us.

Article 370

Kashmir Article 370. You may read the full book here [chapter links on the right]

Brief History - Article 370

The truth about Article 370 [URL to e-book present on that page]

Essays & Books

Converted Kashmir - Memorial of Mistakes [e-book]. Also available on Scribd. A hard copy of the book may also be purchased here. Chapters of special interest - Governor Jagmohan, Article 370

Jammu & Kashmir:  Self-Determination, Demands for a Plebiscite and Secession

The Linguistic and Cultural Diversity of Kashmir

Pakistan's role in the Kashmir insurgency

Home Minister’s Statement in Parliament on Jammu & Kashmir

The truth on Kashmir and terrorism in India - US State Department report on Terrorism

Paradise lost

Terrorist role of Pakistan

Articles & Columns:

Stone throwers killed my child: Kulsooma

Naiveté in Srinagar

The Shadows in J & K

Why giving in to Kashmir -fatigue is not a good idea

Anarchy in the valley

My thoughts on Jammu & Kashmir - B. Raman

Forgotten people of Jammu & Kashmir: Refugees from POK

Dispatch: the politics of policing Kashmir

Kashmir Deal - Solution or Surrender?

Valencia to Valley, money passes - With Kashmir on the boil, trail from Spain blips on security radar

Kashmir survey finds no majority for independence

Hair cut fuels Sikh protest

Abrogate Article 370

The Ugly world of Kashmir's online rebels

Afghan heroin used to lure youths for stone pelting

Af-Pak Behind the Lines: Kashmir

Blogs, websites & News outlets:

Kashmir Information Network. Please take a look at its Book section - available for reading online

Panun Kashmir: A Homeland for Kashmiri Pandits

Roots in Kashmir

Rising Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir Newspoint

Indo-American Kashmir Forum

Terror unleashed - An exhibition on Kashmir

The Kashmir [Please do check its Blogroll]

Kashmir Herald


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