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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Update : Make site accessible without the www

When I had posted about making your site accessible without the www, I had added an A-record pointing my domain name to a host that allows 301 re-directs. I had added the A-record in my EveryDNS account by using the IP address I had been assigned by axspace - This IP address points to their server my site had been assigned for hosting. Since a hosting service provider is expected to have multiple servers for this purpose, one is likely to be assigned to a different server, meaning, a different IP address when you sign up. So when you follow the method that I had listed out, it is expected that you use the appropriate IP address; that you have been allotted, when you add the A-record entry. Unless you do so and instead add a different A-record [which also belongs to axspace], you shall be greeted with a message that would say

Great Success !
Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server......

The exact meaning of this message is not relevant, but if you get this message when you follow my instructions, it means only 1 thing - you screwed up!!

So find out the correct IP address and make the change accordingly.

How to find out what IP address your site has been allotted?

1.) E-mail sent by them

This is the easiest way to know your IP address. After registering with their site, you would have received a mail with the subject line : Account Information. The IP address can be found here immediately after the statement ’Your new account information is:’.

The information IP Address: (shared) is what you should look for.

2.) cPanel account interface

If you have deleted that mail [bad idea], then you may also find out your assigned shared IP address by logging into your cPanel account interface and look at the left column. Here you will find the IP address information under the section Shared Ip Address.

Shared IP Address

Note it down and then go to your EveryDNS account and make the necessary changes to your A-record for this site.

For the sake of record, you may also get to know your IP address while logging in [if you haven’t installed their security certificate]. If you are using Firefox, you will be shown a window similar to this.


You can also check it out if you have logged out and don’t want to log back in to see your IP address. It is shown in the address bar.


Now that you have seen all the ways of knowing your assigned IP address, there should be no more problems.