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Friday, September 11, 2015

HAL Looks To The Private Sector For ALH Dhruv's Manufacturing & Servicing


Good move.


The state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited [HAL] has issued a notice seeking 'Request For Information [RFI]' from the private sector to take up assembly, sales & servicing of the Mark III version of its Advanced Light Helicopter [ALH], 'Dhruv', under a Transfer of Technology [ToT] arrangement.

A stable program, that has had a long production run with HAL, bagging export orders - suitable product for India Inc. to cut its teeth in the production/integration of entire platform, with HAL watching over its back, offering guidance, in lieu of royalty & licensing fee. This would also free up its manpower to be diverted to the more pressing projects, IMHO, like the LCA Tejas, AMCA, IJT, HTT-40 & LCH. It appears to have decided in retaining production of the Mark IV variant, the weaponised version, the ALH-WSI 'Rudra'.


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1 comment:

  1. LCA Tejas, AMCA, IJT, HTT-40 & LCH are far too many projects for HAL to execute with its limited manpower and budget and short delivery schedule. Nothing less than a fullscale aerospace sector equivalent to what even the majors like Boeing and Airbus do, which is outsource production to many smaller companies which can handle sub tasks.

    HAL needs to outsource much more than it is currently doing and function as an integrator rather than attempt to build the whole aircraft itself.


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