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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

CVRDE Developing Retractable Landing Gears For An Unnamed Indian UAV

In all likelihood, being developed for the Rustom-II UAV, for which, however, a separate notification had been issued just a few months back.

The Ahmednagar-based Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment [CVRDE] recently put out a notification soliciting partners for the development of retractable landing gears for a UAV that DRDO is developing. Described as a 'Tricycle Type Retractable Landing Gear System with a steerable nose wheel', the partner is expected to be involved in manufacturing, testing & procurement processes.

While they haven't identified the UAV by name, it did specify that it is a 2 tonne-class system. This puts the UAV squarely in the same class as the Rustom-II, that is being designed to have a maximum flight mass of 2600 kg, extendable to 2860 kg. The AURA, powered by the Kaveri Turbofan engine, will be a much higher-weight class of UCAV. In May, this year, the Aeronautical Development Establishment [ADE], the lead developer in the Rustom-II project, had issued a similar notification, albeit for the direct acquisition of the retractable landing gear, of the same specification. Given that the Tender documents were opened in the month of July, and we now see CVRDE pursuing development of the same, one may infer the respondents could, either, not meet requirements, or it was agreed that a better job can be done indigenously.

A fine opportunity for the country's private sector to utilise this offer to get involved in defence projects, acquire capabilities & scale up operation and role, subsequently. Carpe diem.



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