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Monday, September 02, 2013

Reality Check - pakistan

In midst of the escalating attempts to engrain the narrative, in India, that the new civilian "leadership" of pakistan genuinely means peace, comes a counter-narrative that challenges this assertion, citing present trend along with antecedents of the near past,

"....the manner in which Pakistan society is getting radicalised with the liberal elite marginalised or co-opted for their own survival. The discourse even among the liberals is that Pakistan is as much a victim of terror as India, conveniently overlooking that Pakistan is a victim of its own demons and India is a victim of Pakistani terrorism.

It is an extremely frightening prospect that today we have a Prime Minister in Pakistan who says he was clueless that his Generals were pushing his country towards an Armageddon.

Therefore, the questions that remain are whether or not Sharif is now a changed man and seriously intends to carry the peace process forward, or is this merely a ruse to buy time as Pakistan attempts to first strengthen its position in Afghanistan"

- If ever the twain should meet...

Vikram Sood, precise & prescient. It would benefit to pay heed to his words


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