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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Happy Defence Day, pakistan [Belated Hi Sahi]

Intended to post this on the "Defence" Day itself. Then something good promise of something good happened offline that very day. Cloud 9. Post delayed.

The "Land of the pure" has earmarked the 6th of September to fete its Military, each year. Having launched 'Operation Gibraltar' &, subsequently, 'Operation Grand Slam', in its bid to wrest the whole of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir, in 1965, military Dictator [self-anointed Field Marshal] Ayub Khan found himself signing on the dotted lines of a cease-fire, instead. Failing to meet any objectives, the cease-fire allowed the pakistan Army a safe passage to pull back to its pre-Operation positions.

Strange as the ways of pakistan are, this public demonstration of its inadequacies is commemorated as a joyous occasion! Many a yarns have been spun & tales been told to salvage the image of the "Martial Race" pakistan Army. Spin-doctoring resulted in fishing out this day from that salvage operation. The Awaam euphoric. The men, whose paeans are being sung, however, know better.

The Gentleman in the video is no vanilla Officer. Retired Brigadier Feroz Hassan Khan was, at one time, the Director in the Strategic Plans Division [SPD], the custodian of pakistan's "jewels".

The 1966 Tashkent Agreement, resulting from the 1965 War, codified pakistan's withdrawal to Status quo positions.


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