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Saturday, October 02, 2010 - my new Blog address

Have changed the address of the blog. No particular reason go for the change except for the fact that I felt like changing it ;). Any way, the choice of the earlier domain name in the first place was bit of a disconnect between the Blog's name and the content - there is nothing particularly Shubh or Ashubh about this space or the stuff I post here.

So when I came across the thread on TDF, where a fellow forum member Ravi, who runs, was selling domain names for Rs. 99 INR [around $2.2 USD] for the first year, I decided to make the switch.

Besides being a smaller, snappier name, the word aame means "self", written phonetically in English & the .in TLD indicates my Nationality - more meaningful a name to associate with what is essentially my personal blog, I think. Also a lot more socially acceptable than the "Soul Dementia" that was my blog's address not so long back - fortunately wasted no money on that domain name - it was a free domain :D. Somebody also pointed out that AAME could be an acronym for All About ME - not a very incorrect description about the blog, save for maybe the All part [that someone, however, also pointed out that AAME could also stand for Alcoholic Anonymous ME - in case I decide to take it up & then reform myself, I'd have a very relevant name to blog under].

So as it stands now, my Blog address is If you have linked me any where on your blog/website, then please make the change - sorry for the inconvenience.

Plan to retain control of the earlier domain name for some time, least some enterprising Joe decides to start a "mother of all" pedo bear website using that domain name. Also have a few active email addresses associated with that domain name [Google Apps] - switch will take some time.

I have also brought in my blogs that I use for jotting interesting and important news under the domain name:

P.S: Upon changing the address of my blog, the blogroll widget emptied out all by itself. Am in the process of re-populating it. If you were earlier listed in the Blogroll [My posse], but find your blog missing now, please do drop me a line informing me about it along with your blog's URL - I currently have no record of the entries in it and have to re-create it from memory - very helpful if you let me know of your address.