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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Use DeadFake to send an email from anybody’s email account

Dead Fake email

This site is for pure evil endevours. Ever since I came across it, I haven’t been able to think of one legit reason to use this service.

DeadFake basically allows you to send an email to anybody using any email id, even if the sender email id is not your own and you don’t have the password to that account.

20081220deadfake02 In the send page, you have to type in the two email ids – the Sender’s and Receiver’s. Type in the subject and message and just send it away.

On reaching the receiver, the address in the From: field would contain the id of the person who you pretended to send it from.

Unless you check the header of the email message there would have been no way of knowing where it had actually originated from.

The header of the fake email sent.

 Email Header

The header of the legitimate message.

 Email Header

As most of us don’t bother checking the header of the message [duhh!!], this service could have been a real pest.

If you want to spoof such a message without having to use this service, they have also given you the procedure.

Owing to the potential abuse of this service, they have now started adding a signature to every message sent telling the recipient that this message actually originated from Dead Fake, though they put a long empty space between the end of the message and the message saying it is from Deadfake – its quite easy not to notice this message. What could earlier have been used to cause some serious trouble is now reduced to a prankster’s tool.

I sent the message to Gmail, Ymail, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts, and all of them reached the recipient successfully. None of these messages got flagged as suspicious or spam.

If you like playing pranks, then you might even want to try out – GetMooh.

Playing pranks was never this easy :)