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Friday, March 20, 2009

Watch Aero India 2009 webcasts

You can watch some of the recorded webcasts of the lectures delivered during the Aero India 2009 Air Show.

Aero India 2009 Webcast

Aero India 2009 webcast

Aero India 2009 Webcast

Though I’ve yet to watch the full lectures, some lectures that I found very interesting and am planning to watch tonight:

Indian AEW&C in the global perspective by Dr. S Chrisptopher

F-16 E/F Automatic Terrain Following Development by Mr. William A Flynn

New challenges in Aeronautics [TSAGI Technological Capabilities] by Dr. Sergey Chernyshev

Fghters in the long war by Bill Sweetman

Adaptive materials and Aero Structures : Revolutionising Aerospace systems by Dr. Ronald Barrett

Dr V.K Saraswat too had given a lecture whose webcast is available – it is a keeper IMO.

These webcasts are being streamed by 24 frames digital, a company that provides Video streaming service to different organizations.

You can also view some other webcast for which they had provided their services.

Note: Found some difficulty viewing the videos in Firefox and Opera. Solved it by using windows and opening the URL in Internet Explorer.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What Handgun are you?


I am a: Heckler and Koch, Model P7 in 9mm
Firearms Training


Heckler & Koch P7 PSP 9mm

Some info from H&K website

The extremely compact HK P7M8 can be drawn, cocked, and fired accurately, faster than any other pistol. With an overall length and width close to many .380 pocket pistols, the full-power 9mm P7M8 has a full-length four-inch barrel enclosed in its low profile steel slide.

The unique HK cocking lever allows the P7M8 to be carried safely with a round in the chamber, yet it is ready to fire by the intentional squeezing of the fingers around the grip. Releasing the cocking lever decocks the P7M8 immediately and renders it completely safe.

The P7M8 gas system retards the movement of the recoiling slide during firing and eliminates the need for a conventional locking mechanism or heavy slide. The low profile slide contributes to the balanced center of gravity and compact size of the P7M8.

Made of high-grade steel, the low profile slide keeps the recoiling mass as small as possible. Combined with the optimal grip angle of 110°, the result is a compact, accurate, and low recoil pistol well suited to civilian and law enforcement users.