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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

STUDSAT-1 - From Inspiration To Realisation

ISRO's PSLV-C15 mission, in 2010, successfully put into orbit, a student-built satellite, the first privately initiated venture in India.

A genuinely pioneering, disruptive feat that has expanded the scope of possibilities, paving the way for more. An interview with its Project management lead,

"Uniqueness of Team Studsat is that it’s not a single college which was building a Satellite it was a group of Colleges from different parts of Bangalore and few from Andra Pradesh working on it. So the most challenging part was the coordination of different teams, coming from different universities with different academic curriculums. We were starting from scratch in this project. Our academics hardly prepare us for this kind of challenges. It was out of a passion we were working towards this along with our regular academic work."

- The Journey of the First Indian Student Satellite “ STUDSAT “

The interview appeared in the latest issue of what looks like a recently launched online STEM magazine focussed on India. Fine initiative, catering to a generally unaddressed niche. Needs good proof-readers.


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