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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Official Light Combat Aircraft [LCA] Tejas Brochure

ADA shows off its combat-ready creation, wants you to know why it is so awesome, buy it.

The Light Combat Aircraft [LCA] Tejas recently obtained its penultimate Initial Operational Clearance [IOC-II] - [IOC-I], after successful demonstration of certain critical parameters including the ability to deliver variety of firepower, be it still limited, among others. This paves the way for its squadron-level induction into the Indian Air Force [IAF], to be flown by normal fighter pilots, as opposed to the specially qualified test pilots presently flying it. While initial plans involve raising 2 Squadrons of the Tejas, consisting a total of 40 aircrafts [20 in IOC configuration + 20 in FOC], the final count is projected to rise to 200, the rest being the more advanced Mk II version, work on which is presently underway at the myriad of labs spread across the country [below], and then there could be some more. One wishes, as with its Su-30 inductions, the IAF places repeat orders for the LCA, with sufficient lead time, incorporating it into its future expansion plans. One would love to see the programme being utilised as a springboard to marshal public-private Aerospace manufacturing capability & capacity in the country, heralding India's entry into the rarefied list of countries capable of churning out high technology end-products like sausages, while still adhering to the exacting standards required.


Having now developed a functional system, capable of meeting significant needs of the 4th largest Air Force in the world, the Aeronautical Development Agency [ADA], which is leading this programme can, rightfully, flaunt its creation & look to evoke interest of potential export customers in a system that is on the road to become a truly versatile & advanced PWNAGE delivery medium. It released this brochure to coincide with the awarding of the IOC-II. Spotted a couple of typos. Hopefully the one released at the time of the FOC would be awesome enough to itself woo customers into placing orders Open-mouthed smile.


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