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Friday, March 08, 2013

Life At The Officers Training Academy [OTA], Chennai [Suggested Weekend Reading]

Coffee table picture book capturing life at one of the most well-respected training institutions in the country, grooming cadets to join the Indian Army as Short Service Commissioned [SSC] officers.

This post is in response to a reader who got in touch, after my previous 'suggested weekend reading'-series entry, & asked me to make the suggestion just before the start of the weekend, instead of doing it well into the weekend, as I normally do. To begin, I was pleasantly surprised to learn someone was paying attention to those suggestions. Coming to why there is a delay in suggesting, that is because I myself have no idea at the start! Only when I begin reading the lengthy stuff on Saturday, does something click.

This time, however, I found something sufficiently in advanced, quite by chance too, that can't be recommended enough. Some brilliant pictures here. No reading involved in this, though. A completely visual experience.

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