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Monday, March 24, 2008 Nameserver not responding

Since it appears that neither EveryDNS’s announcement page nor any search query in google is returning any relevant result, I guess there is no harm in me claiming the title of BREAKING NEWS!!!! for this article.

I usually ping my sites and Name servers from time-to-time, to ensure that they are accesible. As I was doing the same on Saturday, I found that I was successfully able to ping, and However as I tried to ping, I found that on each occasion I kept getting the message Request timed out in Windows command prompt.

(Click on the image to view a larger sized image)


Since it is not unusual for Name servers to be taken offline from time-to-time, I waited 2 days for it come online. Yet nothing has happened. So how, as an everyDNS user, does it affect you?

EveryDNS is the only DNS service you are using.

If this is your case, then you should be happy to know that the unresponsive Name Server in no way will hamper the accessibility of your site. The other 3 accesible Name Servers -, and, should be more than capable of handling your requests.

Rejoice ;)

You are using EveryDNS as the primary or slave domain.

The reason why the IP of ( is significant, is because, besides being a Name server, the server also sends and requests axfr queries ( = = The inaccesible, would effect you differently in two different cases.

EveryDNS is your primary domain

If this the case, then any changes you make in your primary domain will not be reflected in your secondary domain records. This should ideally not be a problem, if your primary domain is working without issues. If however, your primary Name servers go down due to some reason (D-DOS attack), then in this case, all requests for your sites will be handled by your secondary/slave domain, which however does not have the complete records of your domain (because of inaccesible server handling axfr queries). In this case, depending on th changes you made on the primary domain, your site may not be correctly accesible.

EveryDNS is your secondary domain

Similarly, because of the inaccesible axfr server, your secondary domain will not be updated. This would cause the same set of problems as mentioned above, if your primary domains go offline.

Well i have mailed the support guys at EveryDNS (with a BCC to David Ultevich) seeking clarification. Due to the time difference I hope to receive a response in a couple of hours time now. Lets see what response I get. Will even log in to their irc channel in some time. Will keep you updated.