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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Update : Nameserver not responding

I was chatting with the support volunteers who man the everyDNS channel on the This is the related transcript of our chat conversation.

<Tres`Home> reading back log, just a se
<Mecah> np

<Tres`Home> Mecah: It is being worked on while we speak

<Tres`Home> Basicly a group of machines at the same facility have been having problems

<Mecah> so should i exepect the axfr server to be functioning in a days time?

<Tres`Home> they are in the process of being moved

<Mecah> ok

<Tres`Home> It was functioning a while ago.. But apparently has gone down again

<Tres`Home> [13:01] everydns support: I know... I’m working on it.

<Mecah> so can you give me a tenetavie time by which the problem shall be solved?

<Tres`Home> I don’t have that kind of info... I just report problems higher up and do basic support for configuration and stuff like that.

<Mecah> ok

<Tres`Home> best I’ve got for you is the message from everydns support ;)

<Mecah> and what may that be :)

<Tres`Home> <Tres`Home> [13:01] everydns support: I know... I’m working on it.

<Mecah> k
Well this is the transcript of the relevant portion of the converstion. The post has also received a response from David Ulevitch himself, who has assured that the problem shall be addressed to.

Keeping my fingers crossed. Will keep you updated.