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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Avoid Instacuppa Products - Lacking In Ethics & Integrity

Instacuppa - French Press -  Avoid - 01

Recently, I ordered a French Press Coffee maker off Amazon. After a bit of looking around, chose to buy one made by InstaCuppa [affiliate URL]. It comes in 2 variants – one, has an insulated sleeve, costing an additional Rs. 100/=, while the one without the sleeve costs that much less. Ordered the one with the thermal sleeve, as it helps keep the water hot for longer, while the coffee grinds soak in it. Even after a 5 minutes soak, when you pour the coffee into a cup, you can still see wisps of steam billowing off it.

InstaCuppa French Press - 01

Upon receiving the box, I found that the sleeve is available for free. Felt quite chagrined, realising that I paid money for a freebie.

A thermal sleeve is not a consumable. One that I paid money for would likely outlast the machine itself, what with glasses being shattering-prone. Therefore, there is simply no reason to be in the possession of two such items. I emailed InstaCuppa, appraising them of the situation & requested that they reimburse the extra money. They have, however, refused to do so.

Instacuppa - Email - 01

My take, avoid purchasing Instacuppa products. As this incident made evident, they do not value customers. Their business practices are devoid of ethics & lacks integrity. Amazon lists out many alternatives [affiliate URL]. Best to purchase one of them, instead. Unsurprisingly, I have rated their customer service as 'Bad'.


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