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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Badlu Ram Ka Badan

"Badluram ek Sipahi tha. Japan War mein mar gaya. Quarter Master smart tha. Usne Ration nikala."
"Badlu Ram ka badan zameen ke neeche hai, aur humko uska Ration milta hai."
An Indian Army Assam Regiment song. Drawing inspiration from its institutional folklore, the song is an ode to one of their brother-in-arm, Badlu Ram, whose surplus Army-supplied food ration, following his death, is believed to have helped his fellow soldiers of his Regiment survive a Japanese seize during World War II.  Other, such revered soldiers from the IA's folklore include, Baba Harbhajan Singh & OP Baba.
A highly-enjoyable song, with a peppy tune, if thematically somewhat dark, composed, to keep up the morale, infusing Esprit De Corps amongst the soldiers.
Also from the song,
"Ek khubsoorat ladki this...usko dekh ke Rifleman....chindi kheenchna bhool gaya. Hawaldar Major dekh liya....Usko pitthoo lagaya."
Can someone identify the word, in place of which I've used 'something', highlighted in Yellow? The doubt has been cleared, thanks to some helpful commentators
A formal version of the song, to which every newly passed soldier of the Assam Regiment perform during their oath taking & pipping ceremony.