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Thursday, July 11, 2013

INS Vikramaditya Test-Firing *Something* & Other Visual "Awesomenesses"!

Perhaps the first visual of the Aircraft Carrier launching one of its defensive weapon systems.

The proposed flagship vessel of the Indian Navy, the INS Vikramaditya, has commenced its second sea trials. Its now expected to arrive home in December 2013. Some new images for your wallpaper.

Spent a fair bit of time this morning trying to identify the weapon. Couldn't positively associate it with any of the known systems supposed to be on-board - the RBU-6000 Anti-Submarine weapon, the Kashtan with its 9M311 Missile or the 3K95 Kinzhal, & definitely not the AK-630 gun. Looking at the projectile, it seems to have been launched from a system with multiple-launchers. If anyone can identify it with certainty, please let it known in the comment section below.

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Interestingly, the picture of the test-firing was taken last year, during the first sea trial, states the contributor. Nothing of it seems to have appeared in the media, possibly getting overshadowed by news of the boiler failure & the more "glamorous" flight-testing of the MiG-29K & KUB.


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