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Thursday, July 04, 2013

The Vikramaditya Has Set Sail Again

"If all goes well, the Indian tri-colour will be flying atop the INS Vikramaditya this November, after which it will start its journey to India"

The Aircraft Carrier is reported to be set to commence its second round of sea trials, following repairs necessitated by failure of the insulation surrounding its power plant while undergoing stress tests during the previous such outing.

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Somewhat odd to see this being referred to as the "final sea trial", as opposed to a second, unscheduled one, that it is. If the earlier trial had gone smoothly, the platform would have been inducted into the Navy by now, negating the need for this one. What if....? Wouldn't that possibly warrant another trial? So what is "final" about this trial? Unless, of course, the contract signed had provisions for only up to two sea trials.


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