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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Christmas Goodness

This weekend coincided with the periodic servicing of the motorcycle. Rode to the Service Centre at around 9:30 AM on Sunday, Dec. 24. Upon reaching, they informed that they would be unable to take-in any more bikes, owing to the previous day's backlogs [long weekend]. Not one to take no for an answer, I escalated the matter with the 'Floor Manager', Mr. Martin. Following his instruction, they took in my vehicle, but informed that it could take up to 2 days for it to be returned, owing to the backlogs. Decided to get the bike serviced, notwithstanding the delay.

I nevertheless requested Mr. Martin to expedite the work, so that I could get it get it back by the next day, Dec. 25, at least. That way, I wouldn't have to endure a torturous car ride to work through the chock-a-block traffic. He would try, but couldn't guarantee the delivery next day, he said. I returned home & went about the day's business. Imagine my surprise, when I received a call at around 4 PM that day, asking me to visit the service centre, to witness the Engine Oil filling, as I had instructed. They had finished servicing the bike & would hand it back to me after the filling, they confirmed.

Servicing done, I got back the bike the same day, thus spared of the hassle of taking the car to work on Tuesday. Counted my luck, as I headed out from there.

Reminisced over the event. I had wished Mr. Martin a 'Merry Christmas' in the morning, after he mentioned he was taking 2 days leave. Greeted him & shook hands for the upcoming festival, as common courtesy, having known him & being a patron of the Service Centre for long. There were other customers alongside, but nobody followed suite while I was there. Gave it no further thought in the morning, but the favourable turn of event in the evening, leads me to believe that my gesture may have turned the tide in my favour.