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Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to create, edit and remix audio files without installing any software?

Scenario 1: You are an upcoming musical group, perpetually broke [and possibly on dope], who need to edit and jazz up their demos and make it presentable in the hope that the record labels hear it & think of you as the next BIG thing [after the bubonic plague]. If these weren’t bad enough, you have even developed a conscience lately - so no piracy for you.

Scenario 2: You are stuck in a land far, far away with a terminal that has given you no install rights [an e-dhimmi, you are] and you want to to mix up a cheesy, sappy one of a kind lurve track for your girl that you think might just break your dry spell [you are so very wrong there. But again, they being them, I might be the wrong one here].

So what do you do?

Heeding to the calls of these aforementioned desperate souls, Aviary recently released Myna - a free online audio editor.

 Aviary Myna - Free Online audio editor

The company have this to say about Myna,

“Myna, a powerful online audio editor, makes it simple and easy to upload, record, and remix audio clips online. Whether you are new to audio editing or a professional you can get started right away on”

This flash-based online service seems to offer some pretty good set of editing features for people to use and play around with. Full disclosure: the musically challenged me had to Google up most of the terms listed as features to know what it means. It even offers you a platform for sharing your creation with the rest of the world.

All in all, it looks like a pretty nifty, featurefulness service being offered for free. If you are interested in the mixing, looping, scratching ityadi stuff and don’t want to pay [either a bomb or a cracker] to do so, Myna seems to be a good starting point. Do give it a try.