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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

India’s Medium Multi-role Combat Aircraft program : A comprehensive summary

“It’s the biggest fighter aircraft deal since the early 1990s.”

This is how Mark Kronenberg of Boeing described India’s Medium Multi-role Combat Aircraft acquisition program for the purchase of 126 of the most revered/ feared aircrafts currently developed.

MMRCA courtesy Wikipedia

An acquisition program that had been lusted after by the Aviation industries since the time it was announced, it acquires added significance in these times of Economic recession, where budget cuts initiated by the countries around the world has resulted in cancellation or cutting back of purchases earlier committed to the companies.

Adding to the value of the already coveted program are whispers emerging from credible sources indicating that India has increased the budgetary allocation for the program from $11 billion USD to $16 billion USD.

The program, initiated in 2001, has seen more twists and turns than any Bollywood movie can ever dream of conjuring and one of media houses that has been following the developments and been providing us with a ring-side view of the program right from the conceptualization of the program has been Defense Industry daily.

Now with the aircraft having completed its technical evaluations, are ready to be flight tested and undergo user evaluations in the months of March April, the final precursor to the deal being finalized [touch wood].

Compiling together all the significant developments and highlights of the program, DID has put together a well-written article that contains its own valued opinions and also a well-prepared dateline. A must-read for every Aviation enthusiast.

India’s MMRCA Fighter Competition