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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Create fonts from handwriting using Your Fonts

You can add a personal touch to documents you type out and print by using a font that replicates your own handwriting [provided you got a handwriting that that is legible – mine doesn’t quite qualify :D]

Your fonts

Your Fonts is a free online service that allows you to do just that. Take a printout of the template provided on their site and write down the letters printed on that template in your own handwriting. Once filled, scan the paper as an image and upload it to their site. Once done, within a few minutes it will prepare a new font that looks just like the handwriting you had submitted, which you can then download for use.

If you want, you can also fontify [??????] your signature, so that you can simply paste your signature onto the document [the signature is optional in the font creation process – I would advise against fontification [??] of your signature].

However one flaw that the service appears to have is that the fonts came out looking small for the given font size compared to the other fonts out there. Yet it, in my opinion, is a cool service to use.


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