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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Convert RSS feeds into magazine-style PDF files with Tabbloid

Tabbloid Came across Tabbloid, a service that converts RSS feeds into PDF files and sends them to your email account.

Requires no registration – just enter the site’s addresses, your email id and the time at which you want the PDF files. At the set time, it will send you a PDF file containing the posts of the site you had selected.

If multiple sites had been selected, then it arranges them in order of their publishing date – latest on top and so on.

With all the ads and other distractions removed, reading from the PDF file was a lot more convenient than the normal feed. The two-column layout makes it that much more convenient to read. Can also take it around for reading on other computers – thumbs up.

You can also make instant PDF copies with Tabbloid. However the PDF files does not include any images, even if present in the feed – bummer!!.

Since the service is still pretty new and backed by pedigree, more features may be added in future. Just prepared my small wish list

  • Include images in the PDF files
  • Enable making PDF copies of specific posts from their feed URL (preferably their normal URL)
  • Allow customization of the PDF layout

If you want the ability to jump to specific posts in the PDF file, then you can make similar documents using RSS 2 PDF that also adds bookmarks to the posts. It however does not have the feature of sending PDF files automatically to your inbox – it manual one time/every time conversion.