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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Banks, IVF & Jewellers In Aundh

 Walking through the streets of Aundh, a locality in Pune, one can note a pattern in the new business establishments commencing operations here - Banks, In-Vitro Fertilisation [IVF] treatment centres & Jewellery stores.

Aundh - ITI Road - IVF Jewellery Store - 01

Seen in the photograph are two of the said business. On the exact opposite side of the road, from where I clicked this pic, are the Oriental Bank Of Commerce & the State Bank of India [SBI]. In fact the latter now has 4 branches within a radius of 2 kms. HDFC bank, which has 2 branches within the same 2 km radius, is getting ready to operate a third, bigger branch here, that is currently under construction. The other bank branches - cooperative banks & multinational banks are too numerous to enumerate towards any meaningful end.

Of Jewellery stores, Aundh is home to 3 outlets of the PNG Jewellers. Down the road, from where this photograph was taken, along the ITI road, 2 PNG stores share a wall.

IVF facilities, down the road, less than a kilometres from the one shot in the photo, is another, and many more not too far from each other, all in Aundh.

Is there a co-relation between the 3 businesses, that can explain their sudden proliferation in Aundh? Perhaps.


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