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Monday, February 20, 2012

NUKEMAP: Detonate a Nuclear Weapon over any city....or over your own!

Okay, not literally, of course [you, you genocidal maniac!!!:)].

The after-effects of an attack with Nuclear weapons can be horrendous, and that is an understatement. Yet, often the magnitude & extent of destruction caused by them tend to get lost in attempts to describe them verbally. It is quite difficult to get a proportional sense of how destructive, both in terms of the damage & the expanse of the damage, a Nuclear weapon can be, more so if you're unable to apply this perception to your own city.


Hypothetical situation where Beijing, the capital of China is struck by a 60 kiloton Nuclear device

NUKEMAP comes as a very useful web-based application in trying to get the message across effectively. Overlaid over a Google Maps/Earth interface, it provides a vivid visual representation of the nature of damage caused to a city of your choosing when a Nuclear weapon, the magnitude of whose yield you must pre-select, detonates over it.

As an exercise, one must use this app to detonate a Nuclear device over ones current city of residence, choosing a yield corresponding to the weapon possessed by your adversary country. Once you have learnt the fate that awaits you, it could become that much easier to get to work, in your own way, to ensure such a fate does not await you in reality.

Funny thing came up in midst of this nuking thy enemy/self spree. A few days after making available this service, the coder of this app, mapped out the locations that have been "nuked" by its users.


As visible, most of India is, unsurprisingly, drenched in red, despite the recentness of this app & low internet penetration in the "neighboring country". On the other hand, one look at beloved Pakistan tells you nobody expended any fissile materials on them, at all. It remains as pristine white as ever. Listening to the words dripping with wisdom, cooed sweetly into Pakistani ears each day by enlightened souls like Hafiz Saeed, Ahmed Quraishi, Hamid Gul, Zaid Hamid & other such, who'd have thought that no Indian tried "nuking" Pakistan1. After all, if one goes by their words, "evil Yindoo Indians", in collaboration with the Judeo-Christians, are out to destroy the only Islamic Nuclear Superpower in the Universe. A conspiracy of code, I'd say, the service has been written to deliberately not register any data pertaining to Pakistan as a target, thereby making mapping impossible.

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Earlier: 1945-1998: 53 Years, 2053 Nuclear detonations, 14 minutes

1 - Or perhaps, every Indian who has tried this app is so very smart & aware, that she/he opts out of sending usage data back before "nuking Pakistan"