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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sony Ericsson Xperia Active - my first Android [Uncontrolled Joy]

I have been using my new handset since the past week - a Sony Ericsson Xperia Active [also sold by the name ST17i]. Filled with glee, owning my first handset running Google's Android Operating system :-) . While it came with Gingerbread installed out-of-the-box, a notification to install Ice Cream Sandwich has already been sent across. Being my first handset running the Android, still getting to know my way around the O.S's environment. Getting a hang of things, however, wasn't really any issue. The interface is so wonderfully intuitive that I was able to get going with the phone even without having to take a look at the user guide.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Active [ST17i] cellphone

Intend to explore the handset a bit, initially, in its factory default configuration. Once I develop a fair amount of comfort with the device, will jump right into the game, rooting1 it & a Cyanogenmod install, if available. Have already installed MoboPlayer & a Notepad app from the Android Marketplace.

Also want to do a review post [would be more like putting down my experience with the device, as I'd done with the Nokia C3-00]. In a couple of weeks. Perhaps, the first day of 2012. One  thing, however, I'd like to state right now is that the screen feels a tad small for a device with no physical keypad. Bear in mind, though, that writing is very much possible, and its touch response is a good as it gets. It is just that while using it one feels an additional 0.7" to the screen size would've done wonders to the user's typing experience. This feeling is more apparent if one is a texting/tweeting/note-taking guy like me. Nevertheless, one tends to get used to it & the discomfort now is much less. However, what can not be done is typing with 1 hand, as could be done on my Nokia C3-00. Gone are the days of eating with one hand & tweeting with the other. #sulk #sniff

Sony Ericsson Xperia Active

While the printed price on the box says Rs. 19,950 INR [~ $363 USD], one should be able to get it for around Rs. 17,000 INR [$ 309 USD] in physical stores, while the price could drop to around Rs. 15,000 INR [~$ 265 USD] at online stores. Do be on the lookout for such offers if you are planning to go for it. A fine  handset.


1 - Since mobile handsets aren't tied to any single carrier for use in India, rooting it is not illegal in India, at least.