Sunday, July 19, 2020

A String Bag To Hold Your Workout Stuff - [30 Days+ Review]

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  • Fine build & dimension
  • Serves Purpose
  • Value For Money
  • Nylon drawstrings
NIVIA Drawstring Bag - Review - 02
NIVIA String Bag - Review - 03
The Lockdown has disrupted fitness regimen - Gyms closed, running ground inaccessible, University Campus off-limits. Cardio now involves very brisk road-walks, stopping to skip en-route.
For carrying stuff during sessions, I purchased a NIVIA String Bag, 2 months back.
  • It's Polyester material is sufficiently thick.
  • The Screen Printed logo & design pattern have remained intact, despite dropping the bag on the side-walk, each day, for skipping.
NIVIA Draw String Bag - Review - 04
  • The Nylon drawstring has the right length. When slung, the bag hangs around lower back [5' 11"].
  • Drawstring's plies have retained integrity. Pulling at them multiple times every day.
  • Cotton drawstrings would have provided better traction. Nylon tends to slip when shoulder gets more animated during brisker pace.
At ₹199/= INR, it's a no-complaints buy.
If one has patience & inclination, DIY. Numerous YouTube videos detail the process.
An old Sweatshirt would make for fine String Bag material. Will take up activity if idleness creeps in. Till that time, purchases it will be!
Currently, targeting 15 kms [20,000 steps] in 90 minutes, each day. Crossed it on some occasions [bragging below]. Monitoring performance with the GOQii Fitness Tracker.
Cardio - Brisk Walk - GOQii Fitness Tracker - 001
Cardio - Brisk Walk - GOQii Fitness Tracker - 002