Saturday, August 11, 2012

Imported components used in the Light Combat Aircraft [LCA] Tejas, to be taken up for indigenisation

List of currently imported hardware used to build the LCA Tejas, that its developers would like replaced with a domestic equivalent.

Aeronautical Development Agency [ADA], the nodal DRDO lab overseeing the Tejas programme, recently released a list of components used in building the aircraft. These are currently sourced from outside the country & ADA would now like to acquire these from within India itself, made by the private sector. This would not only further increase the percentage of indigenous content in the Tejas &, by their association, industry's capability.



Most of these hardware, up for domestic purchase, are essentially components used in making the aircraft's sub-systems [sub-sub-system, if one could call them so] & current industry practise is to manufacture them to be modular in nature [LRU - Line-Replaceable Unit], meaning no design changes are needed to make the switch.

This could also, perhaps, indicate a certain confidence ADA may now have about the future of the programme, & its possible successor. Were it not to be the case, then going ahead with developing Indian suppliers would not have been a very viable proposition. In any case, without orders being placed in sufficient quantities, the private sector too would not display confidence in making the necessary investment. A good metric to find out how the programme is progressing would be to track the response this call by ADA evokes.

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  • LCA Tejas - Limited Series Production [LSP-4]



  • LCA Tejas - Naval Prototype [NP-1]



  • LCA Tejas - Limited Series Production [LSP-7]







An inside look at development of the Light Combat Aircraft [LCA] Tejas - 'Wings Of The Future'. A bit dated, but a great watch, nevertheless.


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