Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The 9 Theorems of Innovation at Google – Marissa Mayers

The ability to innovate and ideate are considered as cornerstones of Good designers. An Engineer’s ability to display these two qualities should lead her/him on to great accomplishments and designs.

One of the greatest innovators in recent times has undoubtedly been Google with their revolutionizing web searches and allied fields. So when a Google employee, and for that matter not just any employee, but their Vice President of Search Products & User Experience division Marissa Mayers talks about innovation and how to go about innovating, it pays to listen to her.

Calling it the 9 theorems of innovation, she goes on to talk about the philosophy and approach taken at Google that enables them to come out with their uber-cool services & products.

These theorems of innovation should be applicable in whichever branch of Engineering one may design for & needs to be inculcated on to oneself.

Posting this immensely engaging 49 minutes lecture, sprinkled with liberal dose of humor and anecdotes, she had delivered at the Stanford University a few years back – must watch.

If you are unable to watch it [bandwidth issues, maybe], then here are the 9 theorems that she talked about

  1. Ideas come from everywhere
  2. Share everything you can
  3. You are brilliant, we are hiring
  4. A license to pursue dreams
  5. Innovation not instant perfection
  6. Data is apolitical
  7. Creativity loves constraint
  8. Users, not money
  9. Don't kill projects, morph them

Marissa Mayer’s bio on Google

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