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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Alan Turing’s three greatest contributions: Richard Buckland

Was sifting & pruning the collection of downloaded videos, when I came across this great video by Professor Richard Buckland. In his usual exuberant, animated & engaging style he gives a brief talk about about three of Alan Turing’s greatest contributions – decoding the Enigma, Turing Machine & Artificial Intelligence [A.I.].

Duation: 25 mins approx

He also touched upon the Turing Test, though he doesn’t speak about it in this video. You may watch him speak about the Turing Test here.

Another great lecture about Alan Turing - Alan Turing: Codebreaker and AI Pioneer [MIT World]

The UK government recently tendered a formal apology to Alan Turing [Not that the UK Govt was demonstrating some new, path-breaking technology that enables direct contact and communication with those living on the other side…but still symbolically at least] for the treatment meted out to him after it was discovered that he was a homosexual [via rowanNS]. Better late than never, I’d say.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Recommended readings for the weekend – 2009.09.12

This weeks list of interesting readings all happen to come from one blog. These series of articles touch upon pretty much the entire gamut of product/industrial designing including trending technologies, concepts & software solutions to aid the formulation of quicker & better designs, fulfilling requirements.

Mandatory reading material for any Engineer[+ing students] aspiring to enter the field of designing – very interesting & illuminating.

Next Generation Product Development Tools

Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03 - Part 04 - Part 05 - Part 06 - Part 07 - Part 08 - Part 09 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22

via reBang

P.S: The author of these articles, Mr. C. Svenson Johnson had informed me that this series is incomplete and more posts would be added. The awesomeness of these articles merits a re-posts as recommended readings once he completes the series :-). Better still, subscribe to his feed [though he has let his blog remain a lil’ un-updated].


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Download the Google Maps for your Apps e-learning course tutorial for free

If you have an interest in GIS or plan to start using the Google Map API, then you can surely make use of this training tutorial module now being offered for free download. If not for anything else, at least the fact that it is now being offered for free should be incentive enough to download it. ;p

Google Maps for your Apps

GeoSpatial Training Services, a company providing e-learning training course modules & tutorials in the field of GIS is giving away their course Google Maps for your Apps for free.

Downloaded it and am going through it – a pretty user-friendly browser-based interface running on flash with voiceover explaining what is being taught through the monitor - nice.

Some of the things would would learn to do after completing the training module [copy-pasting it as is]

  • Add Google Maps to your web sites.
  • Add navigational controls to Google Maps
  • Geocode addresses for interactive display of points
  • Read points of interest from a database or XML file and plot the points on Google Maps.
  • Add custom icons to the maps.
  • Understand how to use free and pay third party geocoding services for plotting points

You may download the Google Maps for your Apps training module from here

via gistraining


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The 9 Theorems of Innovation at Google – Marissa Mayers

The ability to innovate and ideate are considered as cornerstones of Good designers. An Engineer’s ability to display these two qualities should lead her/him on to great accomplishments and designs.

One of the greatest innovators in recent times has undoubtedly been Google with their revolutionizing web searches and allied fields. So when a Google employee, and for that matter not just any employee, but their Vice President of Search Products & User Experience division Marissa Mayers talks about innovation and how to go about innovating, it pays to listen to her.

Calling it the 9 theorems of innovation, she goes on to talk about the philosophy and approach taken at Google that enables them to come out with their uber-cool services & products.

These theorems of innovation should be applicable in whichever branch of Engineering one may design for & needs to be inculcated on to oneself.

Posting this immensely engaging 49 minutes lecture, sprinkled with liberal dose of humor and anecdotes, she had delivered at the Stanford University a few years back – must watch.

If you are unable to watch it [bandwidth issues, maybe], then here are the 9 theorems that she talked about

  1. Ideas come from everywhere
  2. Share everything you can
  3. You are brilliant, we are hiring
  4. A license to pursue dreams
  5. Innovation not instant perfection
  6. Data is apolitical
  7. Creativity loves constraint
  8. Users, not money
  9. Don't kill projects, morph them

Marissa Mayer’s bio on Google

via formloves


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Suggest related posts from your blog to your readers with the LinkWithin widget

Okay this one has to a quickie, cause I ought not to be in front of my terminal right now but sitting adjacent to it.

Suggesting your blog readers additional post to read from your blog, that are similar to the ones they are currently reading would be a nice way to constructively engage your readers. If you are a Wordpress user, then it, I believe, is pretty simple. For those of us using Blogspot, we had to get down & dirty playing around with CSS & HTML to enable it – no longer.

LinkWithin widget for blogs

LinkWithin is a nifty widget that allows you to show your readers posts that are similar to the ones they are viewing. Just enter a few details & on clicking on the Get widget button you shall be provided the simple instructions to add the widget. On doing so – voila!! related posts for your blog are enabled.

This widget can also be used for other blogging platforms [so they say – haven’t checked]. The relevancy of the post they have been suggesting for my blog is actually pretty decent – some irrelevancy here and there but overall I’ve had nothing to complain up till now [45 minutes to be precise] . Probably higher post count would display better relevancy – I have 129 in this blog [not counting this]. They also say relevancy would improve with time – lets see.

I would have preferred a plain text URL-based suggested list, as opposed to the thumbnail-based one they provide. Also the widget appears not to be centered along my blog post [adding the div align tag too did not work]. Page loading time appears to have increased noticeably, but not alarmingly I feel. Will write to them with my suggestions & feedbacks.

Do give it a try – looks pretty effective to me.

Note: clicking on the thumbnail takes you to an outside link before re-directing back immediately to the post whose thumbnail you clicked on – did a quick Google – nobody seems to have raised an alarm – so I guess its okay.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Dr. Kota Harinarayana: Development of Complex Systems – Issues and Challenges

Some time back, Dr. Kota Harinarayana had delivered a lecture titled Towards Development of Complex Systems – Issues & Challenges, at the Bengaluru branch of the Institute of Defence Scientists & Technologist [IDST]. Using the Light Combat Aircraft [LCA] as a case study he talked about the approach taken to design a complex system like the LCA program and technological innovations that are borne out of such a program. A highly enriching lecture coming from someone who is rightly called the father of the LCA program.

Posting the transcripts of the lecture – Must Read.

Trivia: The Tail Number of all current LCAs, start with KH, in honor of Dr. Kota Harinarayana for his contributions to the program.

Light Combat Aircraft [LCA], Tejas

Dr. Kota Harinarayana: Development of Complex Systems – Issues and Challenges(1) 20090818Harinarayana02(2) 20090818Harinarayana03 (3)
Dr. Kota Harinarayana: Development of Complex Systems – Issues and Challenges(4) 20090818Harinarayana05 (5) Dr. Kota Harinarayana: Development of Complex Systems – Issues and Challenges (6)
Dr. Kota Harinarayana: Development of Complex Systems – Issues and Challenges (7) Dr. Kota Harinarayana: Development of Complex Systems – Issues and Challenges(8) Dr. Kota Harinarayana: Development of Complex Systems – Issues and Challenges (9)
Dr. Kota Harinarayana: Development of Complex Systems – Issues and Challenges (10) Dr. Kota Harinarayana: Development of Complex Systems – Issues and Challenges(11) Dr. Kota Harinarayana: Development of Complex Systems – Issues and Challenges (12)
Dr. Kota Harinarayana: Development of Complex Systems – Issues and Challenges(13) Dr. Kota Harinarayana: Development of Complex Systems – Issues and Challenges(14) Dr. Kota Harinarayana: Development of Complex Systems – Issues and Challenges (15)
20090818Harinarayana16 (16) Dr. Kota Harinarayana: Development of Complex Systems – Issues and Challenges(17) 20090818Harinarayana18 (18)
Dr. Kota Harinarayana: Development of Complex Systems – Issues and Challenges (19) Dr. Kota Harinarayana: Development of Complex Systems – Issues and Challenges(20) Dr. Kota Harinarayana: Development of Complex Systems – Issues and Challenges(21)

First picture courtesy Wikipedia


Sunday, August 16, 2009

WTF was this Pakistani thinking?!!!

Every time I tell myself I’ve seen it all as far as Pakistanis are concerned, some enthusiastic Pakistani invariably rises up to the occasion to proving me wrong and does so so convincingly, that you can not help but start questioning your own judgment for drawing conclusions about Pakistan & Pakistanis.

via Napaki


Suggested reading for the weekend

Suggesting some highly readable material [IMHO of course] that I went through this week & again went through it, owing to the sheer awesomeness I felt on reading it the first time. Listed them in no particular order.

Of the six, though, I’ve read only five of them completely. I started reading the English version of Anandamath only yesterday. Though yet to read it fully, the sheer force of literary excellence that it hits you with right from the first page leaves one with no option but to include it in this weeks list, even though only 23 pages have been read. I might just post it again as suggested reading once I finish reading it ;).


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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy 63rd Independence Day India

Today on the 62nd year of our country’s Independence, I wish all my fellow Indian citizens & Indophiles a very Happy 63rd Independence Day.

Flag of the Republic of India

For 63 years we have been marching ahead and have proven critics & skeptics wrong, almost with sadistic pleasure, with their predictions of our eventual disintegration & disarray.

Not only has our sense of Nationalism grown stronger each passing day [patriotism was never in short supply among Indians], but also our country’s accomplishments & achievements in each & every sphere of life is growing by the day. Our Engineers are rated to be among the best. Our country’s educational system receives a backhanded praise from none other than the POTUS . Our doctors too have been similarly acknowledged both within and outside. Our Space program is earning laurels the world over and other countries are eagerly approaching us for their requirement. It is soon to expand & travel further into the frontiers of outer space. Our Scientists are currently engaged in some pioneering work that would be hailed as nothing short of revolutionary when completed. Their efforts are not going unnoticed as they are being recognized for their efforts the world over.

Today, we are being courted by the pioneering countries of the Industrial Revolution. We proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with them on the world platform, a sign of their acknowledgement of our inevitable rise as a developed nation in the near future. We are being recognized as a country that is going to play a major role in the future world scene.

Forever at the mercy of quasi-evil entity called the IMF till the early-90s, we have successfully escaped from its clutches & now is actually a creditor nation at that institution – giving money to the needy nations of the world.

Being born in India, to me, ensures that every moment of my life is enriched with a source of inspiration to challenge, excel & exceed. If there is one thing that an Indian will never ever run short of, that would be inspiration and motivation provided by the deeds of fellow Indians who have rightly earned their place as the stalwarts and torchbearers for the world in their respective fields.

However, at no point of time must we be lulled in to complacency with these fleeting moment of glory that we definitely must cherish, but remain hungry for far greater achievements and accomplishments with its associated glory. These accolades that we receive the world over is not solely for what we have achieved till now, but also for what we are expected to achieve or rather predicted to achieve based on our current performance. We as the proud citizens of this wonderful land called India must strive not only to make their predictions come true, but must take it upon ourselves to exceed their benchmarks for predicting the glory we shall/must attain.

We owe it to our rich and prosperous history and culture to not only regain our past glory but to build upon it and exceed it. The Mauryan empire must continually be  at the back of the mind of every Indian to remind us of our glorious history and what we must strive to achieve and surpass.

Let it be made clear though, that we do not seek to expand by making our physical presence, by occupation, felt in our quest for expansion and growth. Our expansion is to be attained by becoming a constant source of inspiration, aspiration and a provider of constructive influence and guidance, whose company each seeks, and everybody flourishes and progresses under such mentoring. Such is the type of expansionist power that we need to cultivate and posses.

On this historical occasion, I wish to convey my deepest and sincerest sense of gratitude to our country’s Scientists, Engineers, Doctors and all those who are striving for the cause of nation building. I too am preparing myself to join you and assist you in your efforts to build a prosperous, progressive, advanced nation called India.

However, all these accomplishments, achievements, glories and advancement would not even be remotely possible without one person – the unnamed, unsung, often scorned soldier of the Indian Armed Forces. His daily sacrifices and valor in the most inhospitable areas of land, air and sea, for the people of this country most of whom he/she would never ever meet or get to know, ensures that we as citizens of this country can continue with the way of life as we know it. He eliminates threats meant to eliminate us and takes up the bullet meant for us. If all that they ask for, in return is humane civility in matters concerning him or his family, is it too much to ask for.

My head shall remain eternally bowed in front of you in gratitude and service, dear soldier – no amount of praise or words of appreciation would ever be enough to thank you for the service you are rendering every day to your Motherland even as I sit comfortably in front of my terminal typing this.

Vande Mataram - Anand Math - Hemant Kumar [Male version]

Jai Jawan....Jai Kisan....Jai Vigyaan!

Bharat Mataa ki Jai!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Send a SMS to a planet located far, far away

Okay, its more like sending a tweet to a planet far far away as you are restricted by 160 character limit, but since the rags have gone in to town saying send a SMS, me too sticks with it – send a SMS.

You now have a chance to send a SMS far beyond our Solar system to a planet that is 20.3 light years away from Earth.

Hello from Earth

COSMOS magazine, as part of the National Science Week in Australia & International Year of Astronomy 2009, has decided to send a signal to the planet Gliese 581 d, that would contain all the selected messages. Gliese 581 d  is a planet that Scientists believe has all the necessary conditions to support life. Hence has a high possibility of having an actual, possibly intelligent life form that would be able to receive our signal and decipher our message.

The messages would be transmitted from the ground station at Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex on the 24th of August [around 10 days from today].

To get your message onboard the radio signal, you would need to register & put in your message here. Following your submission, to learn your result, you’d probably have to wait for 15-30 minutes to find out if your message has been approved by the human moderators for beaming. Once approved, sit back & wait for our message to travel a distance of 20.3 light-years. Thus a reply from them would take a minimum of 40.6 years.

Assuming they have a efficient, sincere bureaucratic system not afflicted by the maladies afflicting ours [India’s] – a reply from them might just coincide with the time people of my generation would start retiring from work. A nice move for popularizing Science among the young around the world, I must say.

FWIW, here is the message I entered & was approved

May this message find you all in the best of health. Would love to hear from you & learn about you, if you do exist. Please exist & be a kind civilization.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Russia’s Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft PAK-FA

An artist's impression of Russia’s Fifth Generation Combat Aircraft, PAK-FA, expected to make its first flight by the end of this year. In fact, a twin-seater variant is being co-developed by India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited for induction in to the Indian Air Force and is called the Fight Generation Fighter aircraft [FGFA].

Till we get to see the real thing, feast your eyes on these beauties, which may or may not be how the actual aircrafts turns out.

PAK-FA Russian Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft
PAK-FA Russian Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft PAK-FA Russian Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft
PAK-FA Russian Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft PAK-FA Russian Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft
PAK-FA Russian Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft PAK-FA Russian Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft

Thanks Dulles


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Open URLs and send emails with ease using Text2Link

Recently installed this nifty add-on in Firefox & Thunderbird – makes me miss Opera even less :).

Installing the Text2Link Add-on in Firefox & Thunderbird enables features similar to Opera’s Go to Web Address, but with better implementation IMO.  Allows you to select & open a link, even if the URL is not marked with HTML tags & is simply posted as text.

Why better than what Opera does

  • You get the option of selecting where you want the URL to open – same tab, new tab or a new window.
  • You also need not highlight the exact URL to open it
  • If a URL is anchored around a text it allows you to copy the text with a single click.

Take for example this link provided on this page.

Text2Link add-on

The URL provided in the page is posted as simple text. Having Text2Link lets you open the page by simply highlighting the part containing the URL & then choosing whether you’d like to open the page in a new/same tab or window.

Text2Link Add-on

Similarly, the add-on for Thunderbird, allows you to just highlight the email id & select the option to send the address an email, thereby opening up Thunderbird’s compose window, even if the address does not follow proper email address syntax [though there is a limit to which it can recognize email ids not following proper syntax].

A useful add-on as it is, a welcome addition to its features would be the ability to open multiple  URLs by simply highlighting them & choosing the option to open them – have mailed the developer about this :).

Add-on for Thunderbird

Add-on for Firefox


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Get a free license for eXpert PDF Pro software

Expert PDF Pro 5 Avanquest Software, UK is giving away free licenses to use their otherwise commercial software, eXpert PDF Pro. The software lets you manage, create and edit PDF files with ease, besides having a fully functional PDF reader of its own. The complete set of features may be viewed here. It even comes with a good piece of review.

You will first have to register with them after which you will be able to view your license key.

Catch: the license is for version 5 of the software, the latest version 6 having already been released. Nevertheless, a versatile software the older version too is, as I find out.

Here is the direct link to download the file. Registration is still necessary, though, to receive the license.


Sunday, August 02, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

F-35 Joint Strike Fighters in Thunderbird colours

Doesn’t matter that the dates for mass producing the Lightnings have been pushed back by two years [which itself was a date that pushed back 4 years from the initial estimate of 2010]. Even as people are closely following the development and testing cycle of the F-35 with all its delays and criticisms [some warranted, most not], CGI gurus at Lockheed Martin have created some awesome imageries of the Joint Strike Fighter in Thunderbird colours.

Me thinks, it may have something to do with placating, restoring confidence and boosting the sagging morale of a lot of American jingos with the sheer awesomeness of the images. All in all a brilliant PR-boosting exercise.

Indulge yourself in a feast of sheer visual delight :D.

Click in the thumbnail to view bigger-sized images

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Thunderbird

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Thunderbird F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Thunderbird
F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Thunderbird F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Thunderbird
F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Thunderbird F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Thunderbird
F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Thunderbird F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Thunderbird

The Blue Angels too have been visualized flying the F-35 C


Original link


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yada….Yada….Yada…Blah….Blah….Blah OR why I had not been online for the last few months

Maverick is re-engaging - Why am I reminded of this line is a no-brainer – its a line from TOP GUN!!. However why did this line pop out of the cranium the moment my Internet connection had been restored is a matter that is yet to be explained to the satisfaction of the major portion of the adult me, save for that tiny little corner of my brain that feeds some of my wildly over-the-top, juvenile fantasies.

Yet, as things stand, after nearly two months without an Internet connection at home, I got myself an Internet connection. There is a change in my ISP though. I am no longer able to receive the Internet service from my beloved sarkari ISP, BSNL with its virtually unlimited data transfer Plan 500 connection & its blazing fast [in hindsight and comparison :(] 2 Mbps connectivity. I have now become an extremely unhappy customer of Tata Indicom’s broadband service with its apparently unlimited data transfer plan being served to me at a torturous 256 kbps crawl.

The reason for this absence from the online world has been primarily due to our shifting of residence. After having lived more than 15 years in the previous location, we were quite compelled to look for another another apartment. As the cliché, however clichéd, yet completely apt, goes - Its biggest advantage became the very reason why we decided to re-locate. The area, as time passed, turned from the cosy, laid-back residential locality it was, into a loud, vibrant and flourishing [from the looks of it] commercial destination. Pretty much everything that one needed was available to us at a distance of no more than 2-3 minutes of travel on foot. That place now houses some of the biggest stores and showrooms, both in terms of brand and size, along with the numerous big and small commercial establishments that invariably open up around these biggies. A first time visitor to that place would be forgiven for thinking that the place is hosting a walk-in plaza that day, every day. Convenience of availability was best exemplified by that area.

Yet it was this very reason which prompted us to re-locate. The large number of people visiting my uber-convenient area had made living there a bit of a inconvenience – frequent traffic jams on the road & impromptu honking competitions that the stuck-in-the-jam drivers engaged in along with frequent discovery that some of these visitors took liberties of parking his[mostly her] vehicle inside our housing complex [every watchman hired turned out to be nincompoops :(], and then engaging in a leisurely, long-drawn out session of retail therapy. As if this wasn’t bad enough, as I frequently discovered, these buffoons often drove their vehicles right inside our reserved parking area. Returning from college/office, waiting for the vehicle’s owner to return and oblige us by removing his/her vehicle from inside our reserved parking area, was definitely not  an infrequent ritual – humans can be really stupid and irritating.

One positive outcome of this exercise, though, was that these experiences did wonders to our patience and self-control, enough to outshine any career Zen Master, I’m sure. Extremely happy living with our normal, materialistic, worldly lives and having no intention of bettering the Zen masters & depriving them of their fame and mystique, we decided to look for a new apartment in a still residential locality.

Fortunately my folks found this place that was still under construction then, a few minutes [2 minutes 47 seconds under ideal conditions – precision displayed by an almost-Engineer :D] from our then residence [it still is ours, in a way]. To future-proof the house from any eventual metamorphosis of that area also into a commercial hotspot, folks decided to buy the apartment on the sixth floor and a little away from the main road, where the sound from ground level reduces by a fair bit.

We moved into the place in the last week of April, just around a month before my exams were to commence. A combination of excitement of living in a new house and the academic pressure brought on by an impending exam looming over the horizon, ensured that time passed in the blink of an eye, leaving me with no time to miss the absence of an Internet connection at home.

Almost immediately after my exams got over as I was contemplating applying for an Internet connection, Providence got better of me, to ensure I had no real need of an Internet connection even during my 3-week long vacation. It involved me being made busy with the hospital affairs of members both from my immediate and extended families in near quick succession. God’s mysterious ways ensured that their stay in the hospital was fruitful and outcome pleasant and my vacation spent in the company of doctors and nurses, many of them visual delights, if I may add ;).

As for our new house – living on the sixth floor does have its charms – got a decent sized view from the balconies [or terraces, as the builder would like us to believe]. But the wind speed tends to get unmanageable occasionally.

But the biggest problem/inconvenience that we [actually just me] faced after moving here was having to surrender our existing landline, which also provided us with our Internet connection, something that we had for the last 14 years or so. The biggest irony of it was that we actually moved closer to our Telephone exchange in this house. Unfortunately, for us, our builder, in all his wisdom set up a DID telephone exchange in the building. So now even though we are still being served by the same BSNL telephone exchange as before, we could no longer use our old telephone number. No real loss in terms of staying in touch with people, thanks in no small measure to the cell phone. What really irks me, though is the absence of BSNL’s broadband connection. Its Plan 500 was heaven sent – a decent 2 Mbps speed, along with 2.5 GB of permissible data transfer, sufficient for all my normal surfing needs. But the best part lay in its happy hour clause – every day between 0200-0800, any data transfer that took place would not be charged for. So peole were free to do as much downloading and uploading one could manage without any though of an exorbitant bill at the end of the month. As I found out, often my monthly data transfer would reach nearly 75 GB, all for wonly 500 bucks [little more than 10 dollars USD] – the closest I’ve ever come to experiencing utopia.

Now with with our hi-fundoo DID exchange in the basement not having the required equipment to provide BSNL’s broadband Internet connection, some sort of crappy tie-up has been arranged for with Tata Indicom to provide the residents with a joke of an Internet connection. Got my connection last week & have already called up their tech support 5 times to complain about the lack of connectivity – that is more than the number of times I have had to call up BSNL in the 4 years I was their customer – and in most cases, as we would eventually find out, it was due to some snapping of the undersea cable that disrupted my connection. Even when I do mange to get a connection, the experience leaves me pulling out my hair out of my head, which anyway earlier had started showing signs of a receding hairline [a great cause of worry for my mother, who worries that my marriage prospects would get deprecated in proportion to my receding hairline :D]. 700 MB files that earlier took no more than 70-90 minutes to download from the bittorrent network, especially when there were 1000+ seeders took me 8 hours to do so and that too with 5000+ seeders. Having always experienced speeds that would be measured in kbps, I now see many of the speeds of file transfer being shown in bps arrrghh!!!! :(. Asking him about the prospects of getting a BSNL broadband connection, comes with his standard template reply – should happen in a month – for the past 3 months. As if this was not enough, I now pay 700 bucks to endure the torture. My unsolicited advice to people looking to get themselves an Internet connection – Don’t take your connection from Tata Indicom.

Not having checked my mail for 3 months left me with a deluge of mails to be checked. Overwhelmed by the scale of the task , I took the easy way out – I deleted them all. So if you had been one of those who had mailed me in the last few months, but received no reply, then I’d like to apologize for the absence of my reply. If it was important, then do send it again and it shall be responded to promptly.

As I realised, I got to submit an assignment paper on Design for Assembly tomorrow [actually in little more than 9 hours], and I have no clue what it is all about. I think I got to get a little serious with my studies, at least now that I am in the final year [a resolution I make at the beginning of every academic year only to break it within a month of making it]. Will do some digging around for my assignment.

I started a Youtube channel. Might want to check it out – Luptonga.