Saturday, August 31, 2013

Navy's P-8I 'Neptune' Aircraft Dropping Bombs From Its Internal Weapon Bay [Video]

In addition to activity monitoring, these Indian Navy aircrafts are also capable of "influencing" them, with its payload of on-board firepower.

The report, below, shows the Boeing-built P-8I 'Neptune' maritime surveillance aircraft performing weapons release tests using simulated weapons, prior to the delivery of the first aircraft to India, earlier this year.

Interestingly, in the video, along with the widely reported Harpoon missiles [1:47], it is also shown dropping Precision Guided bombs [0:55]. This particular aspect of the test didn't seem to get any reportage. The video is quite unique for the fact that, as claimed, it was the first time that Boeing carried out weapons testing from an aircraft originally built for civilian applications, the 737.

Its induction into the Navy also marked an important first for the military the return of aircrafts with internal weapon bays into service, since it became the first aircraft that India would operate, which would have a dedicated internal weapon bay [2:27 & 2:56], earlier seen in the Indian Navy's Carrier-operated French Bréguet Alizé aircraft, in which could carry Torpedoes & depth charges, & the Air Force's British Canberra bombers, unless one counts how the IAF used its Douglas Dakotas in 1947 to pound the invading pakistanis. [Note: thanks to an alert & more knowledgeable commenter for informing me about the mistakes in the post. Corrected them. Much appreciated. Should have been more careful


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