Monday, January 28, 2013

Upgraded INS Sindhurakshak, Indian Navy's Kilo-Class [Sindhughosh-Class] Submarine [Video]

Indian Navy's Russian-origin Sindhughosh-class submarine, the INS Sindhurakshak [S63], has successfully undergone upgrades in Russia & is set to sail for India tomorrow [January 29 2012].

Incorporated into this upgraded derivative of the Soviet-era Kilo-class Submarine are some indigenously developed sub-systems:

  • USHUS SONAR system, designed by the Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory [NPOL]
  • Composite Communication System [CCS], Mk 2 or 3, produced by the Bharat Electronics Ltd. [BEL]
  • PORPOISE Electronic Support Measures [ESM] systems, designed by the  Defence Electronics Research Laboratory [DLRL]

Besides these, other significant addition to its capability is its ability to launch Cruise Missiles from its torpedo tubes. Upon upgrade, the submarine is now capable of firing the Russian-origin SS-N-27 Klub-S missile. The missile has been test-launched with both warheads the Indian Navy has in its inventory - Anti-Ship 3M-54E & Land-Attack 3M-14E. Each submarine can carry up to 6 of these missiles at a time.

Besides on-board guidance & seekers, these missiles also use signal generated from Russia's GPS-equivalent, the GLONASS, for reaching its target. While all these upgraded boats would be capable of firing the Klub, the Sindhurakshak is one among the 6 Indian Navy Kilo-class-derivative submarine capable of additionally launching the land-attack version of the Klub [3M-14E]. The other two whose land-attack capabilities are confirmed are the INS Sindhugosh [S55] & INS Sindhuvijay [S62]. The INS Sindhuvir [S58], INS Sindhuratna [S59] & INS Sindhushastra [S65] are believed to be the remaining 3, although authoritative confirmation is lacking. Of all the Sindhughosh, the S65, the last in its class built, came with the ability to fire the Klub, right from the outset.  In the others, they've been/are being incorporated as part of upgrades.

A Kilo-launched Brahmos? Possible, given that there were reports that India had asked to make provision for launching it, while they were to be upgraded. In all likelihood, though, the Kilo/Sindhughosh would serve as a test platform for the launch & not actual actually deploy them in service, given their respective timelines. The video, below, shows the Sindhurakshak undergoing modernisation works in the Russian city of Severodvinsk at the Zvyozdochka shipyard, Indian Naval officers inspecting the work being done & then seen leaving for sea trials under icy, winter conditions conditions.

via LiveBBCNews


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