Monday, January 07, 2013

Simultaneously Upload Files To Multiple Hosts With A Single Click

No need to upload a file to multiple hosting websites one by one. Do it all in one simple click.

For the 2013 Calendar post, I thought making the download available through multiple file-hosting sites would be convenient, so that visitors could choose to download it from the host of their choice. But uploading the 75 MB file using my slow Internet connection meant the I'd have to sit by the computer for 1 upload to be over, to begin uploading to another site. Total PITA.


Instead, I used the Neembuu Uploader to do the job. It currently supports 30 filehosts to which you can upload the file. Simply select the hosts, select the file that needs uploading & begin upload. If you have a slow connecting, you could restrict the simultaneous upload to 2 or maybe 1. With a faster connection, you increase. Once uploaded, the URL automatically appears by the side. Its an open-source project, hosted on SourceForge - totally safe. Add to the goodness is the fact its a portable app, the cherry on top being that its a multi-OS software.


Despite all the goodness, I'd still want some more. Shell integration for one. Select a file, right-click and upload. Simpler. Support for FTP uploads too would make it a that much better software. If you require both the above mentioned features, then you could use yet another open-source software - the MD Image Uploader. Along with image files, it also support uploading other filetypes. It, however, only allows upload to one host at a time, although multiple files could be uploaded to it with a single click. For uploading to multiple hosts simultaneously, Neembuu is your best bet. Of the 4 members of this project, 3 are Indians.


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