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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Indian Air Force [IAF] - Themed Calendar For 2013 [UPDATED - Please Read]


For the Indian mil-avia "nut".

Note: I have been contacted by a few people, saying printout of this calendar came out pixelated when taken on page of width I have mentioned below. On asking, I learnt that they took the printouts from copies of this calendar shared on some forums. Visiting the them, I discovered resized, small copies of the calendar have been posted there. Printing out those on paper will invariably produce unsatisfactory results. The original calendar, in PDF format, that I have made available here contain hi-res images [2421*3626 pixels]. Taking printout of these will  produce the desired result. As you would have noticed, I have uploaded & made them available through multiple file-hosts. Please download it from one of them before printing, not anywhere else.


Made this calendar for myself, this year. Have also included a full-sized calendar for January 2014. Experience suggests complimentary calendars almost always arrive in the 2-3rd week of January, each year, sometimes in February. Thus, to help tide over this period, next year.

Please feel free to share this calendar. In fact, I encourage you to do so. It would be greatly appreciated. If you plan to take a print out  for hanging it on a wall, a page width of 320 to 350 mm would be optimum.

Alternate download links. Please let me know if some URL goes dead. Will replace it


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  1. Thanks a lot for making this. It is now hanging on my wall. Awesome pictures

  2. Kick-ass shots. Thanks for taking the efforts to make them into a calendar. Really great collection.
    Not to complain but it would have been even more awesome if you would have included pics with full-weapon load-out. Next time :D

  3. thank you. appreciate your effort

  4. Really nice effort. Not t complain su-30 has appeared twice and no MiG-29

    1. Thanks for raising this point. The arresting visuals of the two Su-30s that I used made it impossible for me to choose between the two. Hence, after great deliberation [with myself], I decided to use them both.
      As for the absence of the 'Fulcrum', the June 2013 visual was initially that of an upgraded 29. Then I thought, in order to provide a more wholesome representation of the IAF, it is necessary to show their Air Defence role. Hence the Pechora.
      Moreover, most Mango Indians are unable to visually distinguish between the Flanker & Fulcrum. Hell, even the IAF's own document wrongly called a Fulcrum as a Flanker. 12 months, many more flying platforms. Hope you understand the dilemma I faced while preparing the calendar :)


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