Monday, December 03, 2012

French Rafale Combat Aircraft Music Video

Not sure if this is a fan mashup video, a clip from a bigger one or the complete video. Either way, it hardly matters - its awesome!

The video is set to Madeon's song 'Finale'.

via BlackEagle391

In some of the footage you can see the Rafale carrying underneath each wings a Scalp EG [Storm Shadow] Land Attack Cruise Missile [LACM]. With a range purported to be in excess of 500 Km, export of the the Missile, under MTCR regulations, would have been prohibited. Yet, you have Air Forces of Greece & Arab kingdoms like Saudi Arabia & U.A.E. all kitted with these missiles. Jeffery Lewis had written about it. Its, however, unlikely that the Indian Air Force [I.A.F] would be making a similar acquisition, even if it somehow could. Instead, it may look to integrate its air-launched supersonic Brahmos Cruise missile and, the longer-ranged subsonic Nirbhay, whose maiden test-launch is expected to happen in January 2013.


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