Friday, November 23, 2012

Oral History Of India's Constitution [Podcast]

Podcast describing the road to formulation of the singular document defining the Republic Of India - its Constitution.

Sidin Vadukut, whom I first remember reading long back in J.A.M, has launched his new podcast programme. Called, 'A New Republic', it is, as he puts it, "An oral History of The Indian Constitution". Narrated in an informal & engaging manner, it has been tracing, in chronological order, the sequence of events & preceding laws passed by the imperialist British during the course of their occupation of India. These laws, in turn, helped guide & influence the subsequent drafting of India's own, under the able leadership of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

He has uploaded three podcasts, so far. They have all made for very interesting listening. Good amount of learning happened, more so since History & Civics became alien subjects after my Class 10.

  • Episode 01

In one of the podcasts he quotes a statement attributed to Charles Dickens, listening to which I went all.

Maybe better awareness of the significance of the Constitution of India would lead to greater respect for & adherence to it in the daily conducts as citizens of this nation.


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