Sunday, October 28, 2012

British Army Officer living in India for a year [Blog Watch]

A British officer undertaking a course at India’s Defence Services Staff College in Wellington, Tamil Nadu.

For an Indian Armed Forces officer, to undergo a stint at the Defence Services Staff College, is quite strong an indication that he is being prepared for bigger things in the Forces’ structure. Apart from Indian officers, the courses are also offered to officers of other nations with whom India maintains friendly military relationships.


One such, currently studying at the Staff College, is an officer with the Royal British Army. Just got sent the URL to his blog, that he is maintaining of his stay in India for the one year duration of the course - Keeping Up with the Jones' in India. Many anecdotal description of his experience in India, his interactions with the other officers and of his field trips to locations on the frontiers of the country.

"This whole trip has been fantastic.  As a group of Officers, we have all got on really well and had a great time.  There have been some amazing sights, horrendous driving conditions, great food, wonderful hospitality, stunning weather and a brilliant insight into how India conducts its military operations in the forward areas.  India faces military challenges that the UK does not and visiting the sites I’ve seen over the last 10 days has been really educational."

- source

Interesting blog. Worth keeping an eye out for. Subscribe to its feed.

Earlier too, had come across another such blog that was being maintained by an American officer a few years ago while he was taking the same course. Will post it here if I can locate it now.