Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Upload photographs to multiple image hosting websites, without visiting the site

A nifty, open-source software to help you easily upload pictures, in bulk, to hosting sites on the Internet.

If you have gone through a few random posts on this blog, you would realise that each one has a sizable number of photographs in them. In fact, the urge to share a photograph, or many photographs, is what, in most cases, prompts me to get down to composing a post. One major drawback of blogging on the Blogger platform, is that the maximum permitted dimension of the image is 1600 pixels. If larger than that, Blogger automatically reduces the larger side of the picture to 1600px. Thus, in order to share a photograph in its original hi-res size, I need to first upload the images to an image hosting site like Radikal or Imageshack, & then add its URL to the post. Can get tedious, not helped 1-bit by the non-user-friendly upload interface that most of these sites have.


  • For some time now, I have been using MD Image Uploader for the task & it has simplified the job enormously. You can choose from a multitude of host websites that the software supports, including your self-hosted FTP server [not tried it] & Dropbox, and upload the photographs there. No need to visit the actual hosting website, at all.
MD-Image-Uploader-Shell-Integration MD-Image-Uploader-Folder
  • What I find most useful about this freeware, though, is its shell integration. You simply select a file, many files, or a complete folder, and right click to choose the option to upload the photographs. Once uploading is completed, it displays the URL of the images, including pre-formatted syntax needed to share the photographs on a discussion board, if need be.


  • Even without registering on the Imageshack website, it was able to provide the direct link to a photo it uploaded there, something that is otherwise not accessible unless one registers.
  • If uploaded to Google's Picasaweb gallery, it was able to generate the URL to view the original hi-res image online itself, unlike the normal procedure where you're required to download & save the picture on the Hard Drive before viewing. An example would be this image, hosted in a Picasaweb Album.
  • You can also transfer a photograph from any website to a site supported by the software, without having to first save it manually on your hard drive and then upload it again. Useful if you're curating an online album in, say Picasaweb, by collecting related photographs from different websites.
  • The software has some basic editing features built it into it, for some quickie before uploading, including screen capture facility.
  • If you input a video file, it can extract frames from it as images, which it then uploads.

A wonderfully useful tool to have if one has to handle a large number of photographs for online content.

website: http://zenden.ws/imageuploader_ru


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