Thursday, April 05, 2012

Vikrant-class Aircraft Carrier under construction in India [Photographs]

Some new photographs of India's first indigenously designed & built Aircraft Carrier, of the Vikrant-class, currently under construction at the Cochin Shipyard Limited, in Kerala. The ship was successfully floated on water for the first time1 in December, last year & work on it continues. It currently weighs around 14,000 tonnes. On completion, it is expected to weigh around 40,000 tonnes, making it the heaviest ship built in India, till now.

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With the successful completion of constructing this Aircraft Carrier expected to be more or less certain, within a "relaxed" time-frame, talks of building a succeeding Aircraft Carrier of an even higher weight-class [IAC-2] & greater capability are gaining momentum. Some have even gone to the extent of suggesting that the 3rd indigenous Indian Aircraft Carrier [IAC-3] may even be equipped with Nuclear propulsion - a quantum leap in the demonstration of Technological capability of the country, it would be.

Construction work on this Carrier [IAC-1] is expected to be completed by around 2014, to be followed by its launch. Thereafter, it would be put through extensive sea trials, testing & re-testing the vast number of sub-systems that make up the ship, under operational conditions. Its crew would begin familiarising themselves with the platform & learning the ropes of handling it. Only after thoroughly satisfying themselves of the soundness of the design & construction, would the Aircraft Carrier be finally commissioned into the Indian Navy. The time between launch & commissioning could take around 2-3 years. Thus if things don't go horribly wrong from here onwards, the IAC-1 would officially join the Indian Navy's fleet of warships sometime in the year 2016-2017. The day would mark the culmination of many decades of trials & tribulations experienced in the process of accomplishing a national objective.


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source: photo 01, photo 02

1 = unlike some folks #kidding