Monday, January 09, 2012

Solution for my need of quiet [Eureka moment]

Ever so often, while I'm in the middle of some activity that requires some amount of concentration to get done, the sound of the television in the living room, or the domestic help arguing with Mum has played spoilers to my plans. Closing the door to the bedroom screws up the flow of draught, [okay, Sheldon, I'm not]. Putting on the headphone, & playing music to cut off the background noises too isn't of much help - I'm simply replacing one kind of sound with another, when what I really want is some amount of silence.


My b0rked pair of Soundmagic's PL 11 in-ear earphones had been lying unused in the drawer ever since, well, it got b0rked. On a hunch, today, I took them out & put them in my ears, &, wonders, it cut out just the right amount of background noise, leaving me with the quiet I was looking for. It doesn't cut out the noises completely, which is good, as it leaves me nominally aware of activities in the background, yet it provides just the right amount of quiet, needed to do my stuff. Eureka moment. I've nipped the connecting wires, leaving just a bit of it for convenience. Simple & unobtrusive.