Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3D-photograph: Cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma [India's man in Space]

The sole Indian to have travelled to the outer Space, Cosmonaut Wing Commander [retd] Rakesh Sharma of the Indian Air Force, celebrated his 63rd birthday this 13th of January. A real shame that no newspaper that day bothered to mention it, even as a footnote. This apathy, towards a person who is the sole individual to accomplish a feat achieved by no other Indian, from among the 1.1 Billion who are its citizens.

Truth be told, it slipped even my attention that day. But then, I don't earn my bread & butter [preceded by coffee & gum] by being in the business of generating awareness. The media folks are. They should have written a few words about him that day. They did not. It was only yesterday, when I came across this 3D-photograph of him, did I remember.

Click on the picture to view a larger-sized image



You'll, of course, require 3D-glasses to view it as it is supposed to be viewed. A trip to the movies to watch a 3D movie will get you one of the glasses. But then, out here they collect it back on the way out. You can also prepare a 3D-glass all by yourself.

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