Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Take Hi-resolution detailed pictures with your cheap cellphone camera

Had to send someone scans of an article today. With no more college, did not have access to a free scanner :D & doing it from a commercial place would have cost me 5 bucks a scan - a loot I'd say.

Anyway, I have a Nokia C3-00 which comes with a fairly decent 2 MP camera. It took reasonable pictures of the pages - served the purpose.

Hi Res pics Low cost camera

However, if you have a much lesser costing cellphone that comes with a lower resolution camera, like a VGA camera, you can still produce hi-resolution, detailed pictures using it.

The trick to do so is to use a feature called Panorama that is available in many photo editing softwares, including free one.

Instead of clicking the whole picture in 1 single frame with your low-cost camera, you should instead break up the target into multiple smaller sections & shoot that portion of the scene with your camera. While taking picture of the adjacent section, you must see to it that there is an overlap of scenery with the previous section. Higher the overlap, better would be your final, bigger panorama image.

Overlapping image to create panorama picture

I made use of the panorama feature available in the Windows Live Photo Gallery. Will need to do some trial and error in the beginning before you develop the needed skills and judgment.

Click the picture to view a larger sized image

Take hi-res pictures with low-cost camera phones


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