Sunday, November 07, 2010

Legends of the Indian Air Force - Air Commodore Mehar Singh [weekend viewing]

Stumbled upon this awe-inspiring documentary made on the life and times of Air Commodore Mehar Singh. It has a simple, sedate yet effective narration that does not fail to convey the yeomen service he rendered towards the country and the impeccable leadership qualities displayed by him, leading his men and their machines performing tasks in face of immense odds and the most adverse of circumstances and coming up trumps.

The documentary, it appears, was issued to be made by the Indian Air Force. It is quite unfortunate, however, that no particular effort is being made to make these and other such documentaries available to the common masses, especially the young in an easily accessible manner [this uploaded copy may be a pirated version]. The general lack of awareness displayed amongst the average Indian about the activities and achievements of Armed Forces, though not necessarily translating to lack of respect, coupled with the declining recruitment numbers in our Armed Forces, simply does not bode well for the country.

Would have been so much more nicer if the good folks at South Block decided to upload them on to the official website of the respective branches of the Armed Forces and also keep the site regularly updated with content that would not only raises awareness but also inspire people to consider the forces as a suitable career option.

Moi had also prepared a video of sorts, actually a mashup of video sourced from different places, and then strung them together and added some music to go with it.

The theme I tried to portray was that of India's Nuclear weapons programme and its delivery platforms. First attempt at doing something - quite some fun it is. Music by Bangla Rock Band Cactus. Hope you people like it.

Please watch and comment.

Not likely to to be able to blog actively for the next few months [starting from the past few months]


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