Saturday, November 28, 2009

[not quite] Suggested Reading for the weekend – 2009.11.28

Unless you’d like to be recommended pearls of wisdom to read, written by the people going by the names of Doeblin, Ganesan, Sukhatme, Shigley ityadi, over the weekend, there’s not much else of reading I did.

Though I did grab a few moments to check out AWST [yet to receive the latest edition]. Posting some of the articles I liked.

Edited: Picasa seems to be re-sizing images of resolution beyond some value. Cropped them prevent resizing.

2008.11.28suggestedreading01 2008.11.28suggestedreading02
2008.11.28suggestedreading03 2008.11.28suggestedreading04
2008.11.28suggestedreading05 2008.11.28suggestedreading06
2008.11.28suggestedreading07 2008.11.28suggestedreading08


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