Sunday, August 02, 2009

Interesting reading for the week

Posting links to some of the more interesting articles I read this week, though not all may have been published just this week. If you have some time over this weekend, and looking to spend some of it reading, then these links might come in handy :). Posting them in no particular order of preference, save for the one of my recollection.

July 30, 1957 – The First Pilotless Helicopter Flight – via SteveMelito

"The Most Hazardous and Dangerous and Greatest Adventure on Which Man Has Ever Embarked."

How does a country’s support for astronomy depend on its economy?

The difference between Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh

How to glue together a lighter spacecraft

Virtual Factory Lets You Manufacture a Four-Wheel Motorbike

Australia's Big Stick

Neuroscientist's Research Holds Clues About Short-Term Memory

Balochistan: The Pak Psywar


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