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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Indian Navy's Kilo-Class Submarine, INS Sindhuvijay [Photographs] [UPDATED: 2012.07.23]


The Indian Navy operates a fleet of 10 Kilo-class diesel-powered submarines of Russian-origin. In India they're are referred to as the Sindhughosh-class submarines. The first such submarine, also named INS Sindhughosh, was inducted into the Indian Navy's fleet in the mid-1980s, while the last Kilo-Class, INS Sindhushastra, began its service with the Navy in 2000. In the meanwhile, these submarines were also put through a refit & upgrade programme that was carried out at the Zvezdochka shipyard in Russia, with one submarine, INS Sindhukirti, currently undergoing a much-delayed refit at India's own Hindustan Shipyard Ltd.

This hi-res photograph shows the Navy's INS Sindhuvijay [S62] placed on the dry dock at the Russian shipyard during its refit process.

Indian Navy's Kilo-Class Submarine [Sindhughosh class], INS Sindhuvijay

Upon completion of its upgrade, it set sail for India on the 6th of August 2008 & the journey was expected to take around 3 months for the submarine to reach India. This photograph of the Sindhuvijay was taken when it surfaced en-route on September 8 2008.

Indian Navy's Kilo-Class Submarine [Sindhughosh class], INS Sindhuvijay


Many of these Kilo-Class, including INS Sindhuvijay [S62], have been upgraded to fire the Russian Klub-class of Cruise missiles [Klub-S Land Attack Cruise Missile (SS-N-27)]  from its torpedo tubes. The Sindhuvijay has also been upgraded with an indigenously developed SONAR & communication system among others. The submarines are expected to to remain in service with the Indian Navy till around 2030 when the last of the Sindhughosh-class would likely be decommissioned, unless of course they are made to undergo some kind of life-extension program.

Bharat Rakshak's Sindhughosh page has a detailed overview of this submarine class & its subsequent refit/upgrade.

UPDATE [2012.0723]

A couple of more pictures of the Sindhuvijay in Russia





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  1. Unfortunately your Indian Kilos are far more reliable than Australia's 6 Collins Class subs.

    Like India Australia has had problems building foreign designed subs on time and on budget. However India's resulting subs work while ours don't.


    1. There were rumors that the work on Kilo-class Submarine at HSL was, in fact, a cover. It was being used in some ways for developing the Arihant-class. Both work being carried out at the same shipyard. Get a sneaky feeling it is plant from HSL trying to cover up for their shortcomings :D


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